Lazy Bath Massage Pad

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Do you want to relax with a hot shower after a long day of work? Are you having trouble with itchy sole & a lot of dead skin, slippery bathroom floor, and hard to reach areas on your back? Looking for a tool to relieve all those concerns? Search no more! Lazy Bath Massage Pad is here to ease your worries.
Help yourself achieve a good circulation which is vital to a person’s health. One of the different ways to improve foot and leg circulation is a foot massage. Be the happier and healthier version of you with this Lazy Bath Massage Pad. There’s no need to bend over - simply move your feet back and forth across the bristles to massage and scrub your feet. It’s especially recommended for people with hip and back problems. Cleaning your feet has never been this easy!
GREAT FOR YOUR FEET. Experience an ultimate foot spa action in the comforts of your home with its impressive foot scrubber. Massage, clean, condition and rejuvenate your feet with our foot massager, scrubber, and washer - a foot spa treatment for your feet in your daily bath and shower.
POWERFUL SUCTION & FOOT CARE CLEANER MASSAGER. Lazy Bath Massage Pad features more than a thousand massaging bristles for the ultimate refreshing brush action. Removes dead skin, thoroughly cleans soapy feet, including the often neglected areas between the toes. To prevent you from slipping, it has back features designed with a strong suction cup.
CLEAN | HEALTHY | PROMOTES FOOT CIRCULATION. Take better care of your health with the ultimate foot care. Designed to stimulate circulation and blood flow to the feet and produces a feeling of all-over well-being and health. Softens, rejuvenates and prevents dry, callused feet and other foot ailments like Athlete's Foot.
DURABLE | EASY TO USE. Made of the highest quality materials that will last for years. This Lazy Bath Massage Pad is very easy to use, especially recommended for people with hip and back problems - with our foot scrubber, there’s no need to bend over; it's excellent for use in the shower or bathtub.
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1x Lazy Bath Massage Pad
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